I'm an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town and an Executive Director of the data science company Predictive Insights. My main research interests involve econometric modelling and data science applications. I've also served on the board of large fund management companies in South Africa & the Channel Isles and have provided consulting services to Government departments, central banks, parastatels and multinational corporate enterprises.

  • BCom, BCom(Hons), MCom, PhD [Stellenbosch]

Computing Skills
  • R, Matlab, Python, Julia, C++, Cuda, Latex, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Yaml

Research interests
  • Econometric modelling

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Machine learning

  • Deep learning

  • Bayesian statistics

  • Macroeconometric modelling

  • Financial economics

  • Asset pricing

Courses taught
  • Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (PhD & Masters)

  • Macroeconomic Modelling in African Countries (PhD & Masters)

  • Time Series Analysis (PhD & Masters)

  • Advanced Econometrics (Masters)

  • International Finance (Honours)

  • Applied Macroeconomic Modelling (Central Bankers)

  • Data Science for Economists (Central Bankers)

Administrative responsibilities
  • Convenor of MPhil (Financial Mathematics) 2011, 2012

Thesis Supervision
  • 4 PhD students (2 completed, 1 about to submit and 1 in progress)

  • 15 Masters students (all completed)



Working Papers
  • "Fiscal Policy Uncertainty and Economic Activity in South Africa". School of Economics Macroeconomic Discussion Paper Series Number 2017-02. [link]

Peer review publications

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