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International Finance

The course is taught to Honours students and considers the use of dynamic models and the application of basic theory to the major issues relating to international finance and international macroeconomics. Topics include the analysis of exchange rates and the balance of payments in an open economy on both the theoretical and policy levels. These are applied to settings that are relevant to developed and developing countries. In addition, students will also gain a working knowledge of the major international financial events and issues of the past few decades.

1) Introduction [notes] [slides]

2) Foreign Exchange Market [notes] [slides]

3) Balance of Payments [notes] [slides]

4) Statistical Properties of Exchange Rates [notes] [slides]

5) Interest Rate Parity [notes] [slides]

6) Carry Trades [notes] [slides]

7) Momentum Trades [notes] [slides]

8) Purchasing Power Parity [notes] [slides]

9) Exchange Rate Determination [notes] [slides]

10) Exchange Rate Forecasting [notes] [slides]

11) Optimal Portfolio Allocation [notes] [slides]

12) Capital Asset Pricing Model [notes] [slides]

13) Arbitrage Pricing Theory [notes] [slides]

14) Political and Country Risks [notes] [slides]

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